We hope Seoul will be the venue of communication to build urban ecosystems
in which humans and the environment harmoniously coexist.

Human City Design Award expects
to be an international design award
contributing to efforts toward achieving
the common purpose of human beings

Cities in the world today have developed qualitatively and quantitatively as they have progressed through a materialism-oriented civil society. However, we are still facing various social challenges like the gap between the rich and the poor, issues regarding socially vulnerable groups, environmental pollution, resource depletion, and disasters. Those challenges have threatened the lives and the future of humanity in every corner of every world city.

Similarly, in this complicated and multilateral modern society, it is fair to say that design has played a pivotal role not only in improving urban environments but also in creating a sustainable future by forging harmonious relations between humans and the environment and in creatively resolving complicated urban challenges.

In light of this trend, last year the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Design Foundation have declared our city the ‘Human City Design Seoul’ to reflect the needs of the times, that is, to design a sustainable urban environment in which all citizens can enjoy a creative life. And starting from this year, the ‘Human City Design Award’ has been established to fulfill this declaration.

‘Human City Design Award’ is for a designer or group contributing to the process of forging harmonious and sustainable relations among humans, society, the environment, and nature by resolving challenges that arise in complicated urban environments and by suggesting a new and novel vision through creative design.

I expect this international design award, which has been introduced for second time this year, will make a significant contribution to pursuing the common purpose of human beings, which is to create sustainable urban ecosystems for harmonious relationships among humans, society, the environment, and nature.

What’s more, we would like to transform the concept of design into a social concept as a means of resolving and healing the social challenges faced by today’s cities as well as a means of securing publicity for the urban environment and as a means of pursuing cultural diversity.

Moving forward, I hope ‘Human City Design Award’ will become the barometer for suggesting new directions in the field of international design by evolving further, with the active participation of concerned persons from both home and abroad. Also, through this award I hope Seoul will be the design platform for mutual prosperity and will be the venue of communication to build urban ecosystems in which humans and the environment harmoniously coexist.

Head of Steering

Soon Jong Lee
운영위원장 사인