Steering Committee

Steering committee will set the direction and operational plans for the
2020 Human City Design Award with experts from Korea and abroad.

Human City Design Award will become
a venue for presenting and sharing human,
social, natural, and environmental issues
in the city through design.
SoonJong Lee SoonJong Lee
SoonJong Lee
Head of Steering Committee
South Korea
  • CEO of Korea Future Design Research Institute
  • Honorary professor at Seoul National University
  • Former President at Korean Federation of Design Associations
Eriko Esaka Eriko Esaka
Eriko Esaka
Overseas expert(Asia)
  • Program director Nagoya UNESCO City of Design Organizing Committee
  • Program director of Cultural Promotion Office, Bureau of Tourism, Culture & Exchange
Andrea Cancellato Andrea Cancellato
Andrea Cancellato
Overseas expert(Europe)
  • Project manager ADI(Association for Industrial Design) Design Museum in Milan
  • Former director of MEET
  • Former CEO at Fondazione La Triennale di Milano
Mark Wee Mark Wee
Mark Wee
Overseas expert(Asia)
  • CEO of Design Singapore Council
  • Pioneer of Design Thinking Singapore
Josyane Franc Josyane Franc
Josyane Franc
Overseas expert(Europe)
  • Advisor, International design networks
  • Ambassador, Cité du design Saint-Etienne
ChungKee Lee ChungKee Lee
ChungKee Lee
Domestic expert(South Korea)
South Korea
  • Seoul Design Foundation Director
  • Professor of Architecture at University of Seoul
  • Former Founder of Hanmei Architects
KyungRan Choi KyungRan Choi
KyungRan Choi
Ex officio(South Korea)
South Korea
  • CEO of Seoul Design Foundation
  • Former Dean of the graduate school of Techno Design at Kookmin University
  • Former Director of 2015 Gwangju Biennale
Fernando Mascaro Fernando Mascaro
Fernando Mascaro
Overseas expert(South America)
  • Architect/Designer at FM Sustainable Design Strategies
  • Participates of the “Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne” in lectures, juris and curation of exhibitions
Richard Perez Richard Perez
Richard Perez
Overseas expert(Africa)
South Africa
  • Founding Director, Has Plattner School of Design Thinking at the University of Cape Town
  • Design Sonsultant to the World Bank and United Nations Foundation
  • Director of Cape Town World Design Capital 2014
Brandon Gien Brandon Gien
Brandon Gien
Overseas expert(Oceania-Australia)
  • Founder and CEO, Good Design Australia
  • Chair of the Selection Committee, 2022 World Design Capital®
  • Former President, World Design Organization (2013 - 2015)
KilHyung Rhee KilHyung Rhee
KilHyung Rhee
Ex officio(South Korea)
South Korea
  • President at Korean Federation of Design Associations
  • Professor of Design Contents at Hongik University graduate school
Yeonsik Yoo Yeonsik Yoo
Yeonsik Yoo
Ex officio(South Korea)
South Korea
  • Director General of the Culture Headquarter