Steering Committee

Steering committee will set the direction and operational plans for the
2020 Human City Design Award with experts from Korea and abroad.

committee visual
Human City Design Award will become
a venue for presenting and sharing human,
social, natural, and environmental issues
in the city through design.
SoonJong Lee SoonJong Lee
SoonJong Lee
Head of Steering Committee
South Korea
  • CEO of Korea Future Design Research Institute
  • Honorary professor at Seoul National University
  • Former President at Korean Federation of Design Associations
Eriko Esaka Eriko Esaka
Eriko Esaka
Overseas expert(Asia)
  • Program director Nagoya UNESCO City of Design Organizing Committee
  • Program director of Cultural Promotion Office, Bureau of Tourism, Culture & Exchange
Andrea Cancellato Andrea Cancellato
Andrea Cancellato
Overseas expert(Europe)
  • Project manager ADI(Association for Industrial Design) Design Museum in Milan
  • Former director of MEET
  • Former CEO at Fondazione La Triennale di Milano
Mark Wee Mark Wee
Mark Wee
Overseas expert(Asia)
  • CEO of Design Singapore Council
  • Pioneer of Design Thinking Singapore
Josyane Franc Josyane Franc
Josyane Franc
Overseas expert(Europe)
  • coordinator of EU program Human Cities_challenging the city scale
  • Former Head of international affairs for the Cite Du Design, Saint-Etienne
ChungKee Lee ChungKee Lee
ChungKee Lee
Domestic expert(South Korea)
South Korea
  • Seoul Design Foundation Director
  • Professor of Architecture at University of Seoul
  • Former Founder of Hanmei Architects
KyungRan Choi KyungRan Choi
KyungRan Choi
Ex officio(South Korea)
South Korea
  • CEO of Seoul Design Foundation
  • Former Dean of the graduate school of Techno Design at Kookmin University
  • Former Director of 2015 Gwangju Biennale
Fernando Mascaro Fernando Mascaro
Fernando Mascaro
Overseas expert(South America)
  • Architect/Designer at FM Sustainable Design Strategies
  • Participates of the “Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne” in lectures, juris and curation of exhibitions
Richard Perez Richard Perez
Richard Perez
Overseas expert(Africa)
South Africa
  • Founding Director, Has Plattner School of Design Thinking at the University of Cape Town
  • Design Sonsultant to the World Bank and United Nations Foundation
  • Director of Cape Town World Design Capital 2014
Brandon Gien Brandon Gien
Brandon Gien
Overseas expert(Oceania-Australia)
  • Founder and CEO, Good Design Australia
  • Chair of the Selection Committee, 2022 World Design Capital®
  • Former President, World Design Organization (2013 - 2015)
KilHyung Rhee KilHyung Rhee
KilHyung Rhee
Ex officio(South Korea)
South Korea
  • President at Korean Federation of Design Associations
  • Professor of Design Contents at Hongik University graduate school
Jinsung Kim Jinsung Kim
Jinsung Kim
PM(Project Manager)
South Korea
  • Professor of Design Innovation at Sejong University