We compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding the application and
reviewing process for the 2020 Human City Design Award.

Entry Qualification

Any Individuals or organizations who have experience in design-related field and worked on a project that has contributed to creating a more harmonious and sustainable relationship between human and human, human and society, between human and the environment, and between human and nature.

Only projects that have been developed and implemented within 5 years can be submitted.

If there are several people who have participated in a project, you could write the name of participants. But only one representative can be candidate and the name of the organization is possible to submit.

Registration Fee

Registration for the Human City Design Awards is free.

Registration Schedule

The entire announcement period is from April 1st to September 11th, 2020. The pre-registration period is from May 25th to July 17th, and the main registration period is from July 20th to September 11th.

‘Pre-Registration’ is a procedure in which participants express their intention to participate in the award before the main application. Pre-registration is not necessarily required, but easy to do if you submit simple information such as project name, participant name, affiliation, contact information, country, etc. on the application form by email during the pre-registration period, you can receive information such as the start of the main registration, review schedule, award ceremony, and conference.

'Registration' is the procedure in which participants submit formal documents to participate in this award. This application is an essential procedure, and you can submit an application form, performance resume, and optional video related to the project by email.

Judging Process

Candidates for the second round of review will be notified individually for a request for additional material. Other candidates will receive a short message.

Registration Method

Please download the ‘Entry Form’ on the website of the Human City Design Award(www.humancitydesignaward.or.kr), and fill in the entry form. Then, submit it by e-mail to the Human City Design Award secretariat. (humancity@seouldesign.or.kr)

The Human City Design Award secretariat will send you the confirmation of ‘Registration Completed’ via email.

Documents for Submission

Yes, the project performance period is within 5 years. A project that can be admitted as an award candidate should be a project whose current design has been developed and achieved.

You need to submit a 3 minutes project-related video URL or file. It can be a short video with your phone to make the project more understandable or video with relevant materials. You will not be penalized for not submitting them.

Yes, according to the quantity of the contents, you could lengthen the form of project performance and main project details to make it more understandable if necessary. However, the 'Performance Resume' form should not exceed 5 pages in total.

Yes, if you have another major project, you could use the form to make additional copies as many as you need. However, the total number of projects can only be supported by two.

Yes, It is possible to register.

No, This is not anymore compulsory.